How to effectively be able to build a massive list of likes on social media platform

Do you love history and are able to have all your points at hand.  If you do, then you can use the same to make an incredible list of followers and increase your likes.  Make sure you have the facts right, don’t beat about the bush.  The next step is to post a photo showing the historic monument or building.   One thing you must be ready for is to receive a large number of free likes.  People out there require information which is not freely provided to them on the social media platforms.

Your next step should be to be ready to answer questions.  Whether you like it or not, you will have to answer numerous questions regarding your post.  That is why I said you must have all your points ready.  As you will realise, such discussions will keep on threading on for along time and before you realise you will have increased in great leaps and bounds your free likes.  So next time you are wondering how to increase your likes just scroll down and post a historic place.

Expressing Yourself Truly To Get Free Followers.

When running a blog or a social media page, a simple step that can get you free followers is to express yourself honestly. Even though you trying to convince or pass across a message, getting off-topic at calculated instances will give you an opportunity to enable your followers to understand you more. The personal touch is a moving part that is the catch in recent times as no one is interested in generic content from the start to the end.


In the course of sharing, your tone and style of presenting the content will be friendly and will hold the attention of the readers even if it is a lengthy post. Even though the message you are passing across is not distorted, you try to associate yourself with the message that will make your followers confirm that you are just human. Try incorporating much humor, pictures and memes as possible in your presentation. With such simplicity, chances of getting free followers are enhanced as people love light moments even when the message is not. Be yourself at all times and see the numbers grow.

Beneficial Alternatives to Twitter Likes

Using twitter likes is very helpful. When you like people’s tweets there are ways that pays off. People like repaying good deeds with good deeds. In this case, you will find that more people will like your tweets. However twitter has various other features that can be as useful as the likes. For starters we have the retweets. This is how you show appreciation of other people’s tweets. They always lead to having people see how active and engaging you are on twitter.

Other than the twitter likes there is also the reply feature. Replies’ are good ways to engage and very good conversation starters. When you send a reply the owner of the tweet gets a notification and this does not limit how much you post since you have the whole 140 characters to use. Ideas can be exchanged. You could also share the tweet via direct message, add a link to the tweet or embed it. This gives your account a more sociable persona which eventually attracts people to it. Eventually you get more followers and likes on twitter.

An Easier way to get Social Media Followers

Everyone on social media is always looking for ways to get more followers. Getting followers is actually not as hard as people deme it to be. One of the easiest ways through which you can get these followers is by ensuring that you have a very strong presence on social media. Strong presence will mean that you are constantly on social media and people are actually seeing you posting things, commenting and all that stuff. This can prove quite hard especially if you are a busy person. Not to worry though, the social panel is here to help you with that.

Technology has further evolved to bring usthese panels. You can very easily get a panel for twitter or a panel for Instagram. This panel basically appears on your browser and notifies you of all activity on your social media accounts thus you can very easily keep abreast as you continue with your day to day activities. Ensuring a strong presence goes hand in hand with being kept updated with eachand very activity that takes place on the social media accounts. Thusthese panels will work very well in this regard. Within no time you will be noted as being very active and the followers will come on their own.


There is indeed no better way in which one can promote their own websites other than through the use of social media platforms. In this case, there is no doubt that Instagram is one of the best promotional platforms that you could take advantage. If your website is for an online business or better still, a blog, the goal is usually to generate traffic for it right? Instagram offers a platform where you could share your website address on your bio information for other people to see. So if you actually want many people to click on your website, it is important that you have an account that is very busy and many people will see it.

Now this is where Instagram likes come in. Not many people do realize it but the more numbers of likes that you get on your photos and videos, the more exposure that you get to give your account. For that reason, you should consider investing in Instagram likes and giving your account that much needed publicity to promote you website.

Engaging Snapchat Followers Using The Reply Feature.

The level of engaging your Snapchat followers has been made easy by the recent addition of story reply option. This option has enabled one anyone to comment or reply a particular video or snap by just a simple swipe on your screen. It just involves swipe up from the bottom side of your display screen, and a new chat window pops up. It is at this window that a reply can be typed back to the specific content. This makes it easy to drive engagements with your followers on for up to 24 hours. This is because of the viewing and replying option for the Snapchat stories, photos, and video collections.


The replying option is ideal for marketers seeking feedbacks or reviews on specific products from their Snapchat followers. This provides a deeper insight when gauging your marketing strategies in place as people can air their personal views. The use of followers and likes generated is vague and can be misleading and not accurate at all. With this feature, you can respond to queries with a personal touch unlike doing it with other followers as a whole.f1

Originality and Creativity in Snapchat App

Without fail, for you to be noticed, you have to be original and quite different from the rest. This actually applies to everything we do in life and it is not surprising that this works perfectly fine too when it comes to social media networking sites. Almost all people globally have their accounts in various social media platforms- they may have different reasons for signing up but it cannot be denied that most of them wish to seek better opportunities through maximizing their network.

Whether at home, school or workplace- we need to do something unique to get noticed. Indeed, when you’re seeking for attention, make sure that you are worth-noticing and worth spending time with. Evidently, this is very applicable when you wish to maximize your Snapchat followers as well.f2

How can you possibly gain huge following in social media platforms?

  • People are so used to seeing photos, content, posts and videos that tell and show various stories- many users are so tired of viewing narratives that are uninteresting and does not come with any significance or benefit. That said, for you to attract viewers to take a glance of your posts and contents, you’ve got to ensure that your story is different and not the usual one. Be creative and resourceful- research if you need to! Stay updated and know what people are interested in.


  • Do not need to change who you are just to catch the attention of your followers. For a fact, it is of great help for you to be yourself and reveal your true self when sharing something- the reason behind this is because this is what truly makes you unique and different from the rest of other users. Just express whatever you have in mind and whatever it is that you genuinely feel.


But, of course, there is a limitation to this- you have to know what is worth-sharing and not. This way, your followers won’t lose interest and won’t get tired following your posts and contents.


  • People these days resort to social media platforms to get inspirations from and for them to stay motivated and positive especially during tough times. Knowing this, it makes sense for you to think of ways on how you can provide encouragement, enlightenment and spread positivity in what you share to your Snapchat viewers. In so doing, more and more people will decide to follow you because they can benefit from you and they would find you worth following.


  • We are all individuals which make us unique from one another. You can share your experiences be it on travel, work, school life and a lot more for these will be certainly different from other’s experiences. See to it that you only share those that do not get in the way of protecting your privacy. Needless to say, you’ve got to learn what is just right to post and what to share.


  • Do not post too frequently to the point that you are already overly filling the newsfeed of your Snapchatfollowers. This is not a good factor for your viewers may find you annoying.

How Notifications Shape Your Kiwi Followers.

As Kiwi provides a platform for the random question and answers from different people across the world, it is the fast responses you give that may make you get your first Kiwi followers. As a newbie here, it is important to ensure that you answer back in a timely fashion to be able to get more and more questions coming your way.

Does that mean I should stick on the screen at all times to know if a question has been directed to me? Probably no because you have other activities to engage in a typical day. All you need to focus on is the notification icon as its where all alerts come in. Responding on time keeps the conversation going at the moment compared to late responses. No one will be interested in asking you questions if you respond an hour later because no one is interested in such slow engagements that die at the first question. Why would I follow you if you never respond and if you do so it’s late?  You risk getting any Kiwi followers if you in the bracket of late responders.