How Notifications Shape Your Kiwi Followers.

News 01:04 April 2024:

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As Kiwi provides a platform for the random question and answers from different people across the world, it is the fast responses you give that may make you get your first Kiwi followers. As a newbie here, it is important to ensure that you answer back in a timely fashion to be able to get more and more questions coming your way.

Does that mean I should stick on the screen at all times to know if a question has been directed to me? Probably no because you have other activities to engage in a typical day. All you need to focus on is the notification icon as its where all alerts come in. Responding on time keeps the conversation going at the moment compared to late responses. No one will be interested in asking you questions if you respond an hour later because no one is interested in such slow engagements that die at the first question. Why would I follow you if you never respond and if you do so it’s late?  You risk getting any Kiwi followers if you in the bracket of late responders.