Adverse Impacts of using  a massage chair

News 12:04 April 2024:

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Many excellent compliments have been said and made in regards to a massage chair. Promotion of good health, achieving of a good sitting posture. Improvement of spinal injury among others but we cannot ignore the adverse effects that come as a result of the use of this particular chair for massages. These negative impacts include?

i)Effects on blood pressure and blood sugar

One of the main advantages of this particular chair is to lower high blood pressure among  patients. In case of one suffering from low blood pressure, it’s not advisable for one to use it. If the blood pressure goes lower than the expected levels, there are increased chances of suffering from a stroke which can be fatal in some cases. This is the same case with blood sugar, massage brings down the blood sugar, and if one is suffering from low blood sugar, then one has to be careful when using the chair for the effects of low blood sugar includes seizures and nerves system damages. Doctors consent should be sought if suffering from any of these two conditions.

Ii)Not suitable for blood clotting or coagulation patients.

A massage chair has different parts that target different parts of a body during a massage. The process of offering a massage involves vibrations that are caused by the chair parts. These vibrations may lead to bruising of the body muscles. As a result, they will become tender which will cause health concerns in a case of blood coagulation . If a person is suffering such a condition, a doctors consent to use the chair should be granted beforehand to avoid any complications.

Iii) Rigid seat functions

These types of chairs come in different varieties with a lot of mechanisms. If one purchases a particular seat which serves a specific demographic of people regarding weight then they are restricted to just that. If the chair is for a spa, salon then one will miss out on some clients because of their body weight. Some customers usually come in for many services, and if they are exempted from the massage chair because of their body weight,  they might walk out altogether. Overloading of the chair and ignoring its requirements will damage the seat, make it not function well and cause bruises and pain to a client. This will negatively affect the overall business of the spa and salon.

Iv) Electricity

A massage chair operates on electric power, the power required to make it function is quite substantial making the electricity bills going up. On the same case of working on electric power, there is the case of electromagnetism involved which might affect people with heart conditions and have pacemakers fitted. If such a person uses the chair, the pacemaker functions will have interfered cause a lot of concerns for it might be fatal. There is the case of suffering from electrical imbalances in someone’s body causing epilepsy seizures. The doctor should be consulted before using this chair.

  1. V) Fatigue, headaches, and pain

The process of massaging involves the use of pressure to relieve pain and tension in the body muscles. The deep massage may cause some pain and leave the muscles irritated. The pain lasted hours or sometimes days. There were cases of general fatigue has been observed after a massage session among different persons. Headaches have also been reported among the individuals who underwent a massage. Though it went away after within 24 hours, it caused discomfort and inconveniences among those who experienced it.

  1. vi) Infections and allergies.

Massages are meant to help the body to release toxins and enzymes that have accumulated in the body after a period. When this is done, the body is left vulnerable to infections. One is required to take a lot of water after the process to help in the flushing of toxins out of the body faster to prevent infections. Massage chair cradle where the headrests might have  a material that causes allergic reactions to different persons. One has to be careful to clean the cradle and to make sure that its made of suitable material that does not cause allergic reactions.

Despite the many good impacts of a massage chair that have been achieved in our world today, as mentioned above the adverse effects cannot be ignored but should be addressed and be known to everyone who uses or want to use this chair.