Reasons Why You Don’t Have Many Twitter Followers

News 05:05 May 2024:

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The birth of Twitter was received with mixed reactions from different sections of the society: some people saw it just any other social platform, other saw it as an as exciting new experience, while the majority of the people were confused about it. The growth of Twitter saw it traverse all walks of life as people sought to use it for various reasons. Most people want to know How to Get Twitter followers for marketing purposes, and there is a quest to built a reputable number of followers to meet this end. The growth of Twitter has stalled for some time due to many reasons, but people are still finding it a safe hub to do business. Today Twitter followers are making their profiles to be attractive and engaging their followers. Despite the efforts of some Twitter users to build a mass following, their efforts go to waste as the numbers following them keep dwindling. Most brands get stuck and do not find twitter to be helping anymore.

Twitter is not like other social media; it can be uncomfortable, impersonal, cramped, and sometimes just too quick. You can create a following and keep the engagement high if you use the right Twitter tactics. Getting Twitter followers can be seen a fundamental breakthrough in getting the large numbers of followers, but it can be a disastrous route. Buying Twitter followers will inflate the figures artificially, impact negatively on your business and the worst you can have your account suspended for violating the Twitter terms and conditions.

What are you doing that may be hindering you from hitting the high numbers followers? Your Twitter tactics or etiquette may have a hand in this. The following could be the reason behind your stagnating number of Twitter followers.

  1. Engaging in too self-Promotional

Authentic messages of a brand or business will make people on Twitter to follow it. But when you keep promoting your internal links and brand, you will become annoying. Too many generic tweets that are not personal and no particular target will portray you negatively and reduce the number of your followers. Understanding how to create content that is engaging with a percentage that is non-promotional will keep your following healthy and attract more.

  1. Failing to follow back

Brands and businesses put more focus on the number of followers they have than who they are following. Research show that a high percentage of Twitter users recommend a brand they follow and buy from the same brand. This is the reason why companies put emphasis on the followers. To engage members, you should follow them as Twitter is a community of tit-for-tat.

If a person follows you, you should follow them too and be active as the twitter tools of active members may identify and remove you from their list of following as you do not follow them back.

Following back will prevent your firm from being unfollowed by the likes of ‘who.unfollowed me’ service which allow users to remove their accounts they have followed but do not follow the back. It is important to follow people who follow you and the problem of having a low number of followers will not make you worry much. But caution should be taken not to end up following people blindly like a bot. You should remain selective on who you follow.

  1. Account Without a profile Picture.

What are you doing with a twitter account that has no profile picture?! You should put up one immediately. It is becoming impossible to create brand awareness on Twitter without a profile picture. People or other brands would like to engage with other related, or differentiated brands and a profile picture will prompt the interaction. Brands that are without profile pictures are assumed to have been born yesterday, and other brands will not associate with you. Businesses have created, and registered logos, copyrights, trademarks, and the image you create on your profile picture will make people to follow you or not. Your picture is a symbol of your branding effort, and people will have an insight of you on seeing the profile picture. If you do not have a profile picture, you should not cry foul as it is you who is doing self-injustice. Create a profile picture and a user name that will have an immediate impact on any person who will come across it.

  1. You Do not know what is trending

Viewing trending topics has been made easier on Twitter than other social media.  Third-party sites and apps are available that do the search for what is trending. The trending topics range from music, food, holidays, sports, politics. You must be aware of what is trending and be in a position to approach it from the right perspective. You might not be the originator of such trends, but your contribution to them will raise your profile visibility from people browsing the tweets. By retweeting what is trending, you can gain more views and following which will land you reputation and respect. You should look for hashtags like #powerUserProTip that enables you to sort what is trending based on your geographic location like, Country, state, city or worldwide. The trends will put in line with others.

  1. Twitter is your only focus

The popular twitter users are not popular because they twitter only. Most of them have that goes beyond tweeting alone and that gives them the high following. You are misguided if you are only building your popularity on twitter alone. Twitter is just a small section of social media, and when you think of digital marketing, social media is a very small fraction of it. So think about what you are doing with your life if your entire efforts and work rest only on twitter. You need to get out of twitter and focus more on live events and other experiences that will get you the brand recognition and success that cannot suffice on social media alone. Do not be left behind sleeping on twitter while other brands are on the ground mobilising people and resources.