Beneficial Alternatives to Twitter Likes

News 01:04 April 2024:

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Using twitter likes is very helpful. When you like people’s tweets there are ways that pays off. People like repaying good deeds with good deeds. In this case, you will find that more people will like your tweets. However twitter has various other features that can be as useful as the likes. For starters we have the retweets. This is how you show appreciation of other people’s tweets. They always lead to having people see how active and engaging you are on twitter.

Other than the twitter likes there is also the reply feature. Replies’ are good ways to engage and very good conversation starters. When you send a reply the owner of the tweet gets a notification and this does not limit how much you post since you have the whole 140 characters to use. Ideas can be exchanged. You could also share the tweet via direct message, add a link to the tweet or embed it. This gives your account a more sociable persona which eventually attracts people to it. Eventually you get more followers and likes on twitter.
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